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GIANT Bicycles (20″ Wheels)

These bikes are ideal for teens and adults up to 1.8m (6 feet) tall.If you do not cycle regularly then this is the perfect bike as it is easy to ride and handle.


B-TWIN Hybrid Bicycles (28″ Wheels)

For guests who are taller or bigger build, we have larger city bicycles that are sturdy and comfortable.Do arrive early for your tour so that our guide can help you adjust the bikes for a smooth ride.


For your safety and comfort, we provide helmets, water and poncho. Our helmets are cleaned after each use. For more information please see ‘FAQs/Tips’.

Bicycles & Equipment For Children

Why should the kids miss out on all the fun? We have a full range of bicycles and equipment to cater to the little ones! If you require any of these for your tour, please contact us before you make a booking.

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