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01-57 Crawford Ln, Block 462, Singapore 190462

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Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm



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    Take GREEN line to Lavender station

  1. Leave station via Exit B. You should see McDonalds on your right.
  2. Walk STRAIGHT on the path along the main road as indicated by the red arrow. You should walk AGAINST the traffic flow
  3. You should pass over a canal on your right after 200m
  4. After another 100m, you will see Blocks 461 and 462 on your left across the road
  5. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing
  6. Walk to the middle of Block 462. We are at Unit #01-57

Note: It takes at least 15-20 minutes from your hotel in the city area; longer if you need to switch train lines or if your hotel isn’t next to one. We advise that you leave your hotel 1 hour before your scheduled ride. Cost is about USD 1 per way.

Ask driver to go to Block 462 Crawford Lane

Enter postal code 190462 as destination

After you alight, walk to the middle of Block 462. It is a curved block and we are in Unit #01-57 in the middle as indicated by the flag on the map! We are only 5 – 15 minutes by car from any hotel in the city area! Allow more time during peak hours. Cost varies with time/distance and should be around USD 5-10.

We are also on Google Maps! Search for Let’s Go Bike/Cook or 462 Crawford Lane or post code 190462 and follow the directions!


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